Traffic caused by the Aston expressway Link road closures

Traffic caused by the Aston expressway Link road closures
 07/17/2017 08:47 AM

The traffic nightmare around Birmingham UK

It’s that time of year again, not the summer holiday, were you and your family shout off to sunnier climates around the UK and world, No it’s the summer of nightmare roadworks around our great city, causing absolute chaos, at both ends of the days rush hours,

M6 southbound, at Junction 8 as I type has 45 minutes delays due to roadworks on the M5, and due to the what seems like annual roadworks on the Aston ‘Expressway’ we have traffic gridlock around Tyburn Road, Kingsbury Road and The Forts ‘relief’ road, Now as a catering company, we rely on the links into and out of Birmingham to at the very least be moving, however, being based just off the Minworth Island, we have three obvious ways into the city, all of which are almost unpassable for my drivers, at peak times, meaning I’m having to explain to customers that we may be late delivering orders around peak times, due to the traffic.

I know if we had a shop in the city, these road works would not be an issue, but rents in the city for a small business like ourselves are just unsustainable, (buts that’s a different issue altogether,) and I believe, the road works to be essential to the infrastructure of the city’s road network, HOWEVER, the timing of all the road works happening on the network across the city at the same time, is causing a CHAOS! The weekend closure of the M6 at Spaghetti Junction, has made going into Birmingham shopping on the weekend a chore with The Birmingham Road from Walsall, at a crawl from Junction 7, and the Great Barr area suffering due to excess traffic moving through at walking pace from 9am.

The workers doing the roadworks, are all working really hard and deserve not to get the brunt of my wrath as a small business, however, the city planners and whoever is responsible for the managing of the roads around the city, need to ask themselves, was doing all the roadworks at the same time, a benefit to the way they would like the city to be moving? And viewed from the many tourist that would be stuck on the roads as well as the office workers, delivery drivers that will be this morning fighting their way in to the city, just to be told off for being late.

I feel that there was plenty of notice for the Junction 6 being closed over the weekends which was great, HOWEVER, the information for the closure of the other roads leading onto the Aston Expressway and the diversions that would entail, were just inadequate to none existent and it seems the first most people knew about them was after the first morning of Chaos! This has got to get better going forward, and I would hope the planners and highways controllers will learn there lessons this year, but I doubt it very much.

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