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Office catering Birmingham Blog, with information for all your catering needs from Trenchers, including information on sustainability, allergens, portions, hygiene inspections.

Can Trenchers become plastic free? We have trialled many different plastic free options, these are our findings.

Prize draw winners - Regus Victoria square.

The Difference a good caterer makes to your event.

The importance of good caterers to your events.

Great blog by Jen reviews, all about french bread.

Feedback for Trenchers Catering

We make 70,000 sandwiches a year,(WOW) would you like to know what fillings we use on a regular basis, then read on......

How will the Brexit deal and the looming congestion charge effect Trenchers Catering in Birmingham

Trenchers caters for around 70,000 people a year and has found still our most popular fillings are BLT,Ham and Cheese.

The planned congestion charge and how it will effect Trenchers catering.

How Trenchers Caters for so many companies at once.

Trenchers Takes GDPR seriously, and as such have now published our Data Protection Policy, on the following blog. We only store basic customer details used only for invoices and confirmations, all customer data can be deleted at a push of a button upon request.