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Government delays T-Level Qualification in Hospitality and Catering

Staffing Crisis as Government delay Technical qualification.

The Govenments commitment to encourage British people to consider the hospitality sector as a career, has been questioned today by the British Hospitallity Association, after plans for a new qualification has been delayed.

The Government has put back the introduction of the proposed catering and hospitality T-Level qualification to September 2022, a year after the end of freedom of movement, propting questions to be asked of the education Miister Ann Milton.

At Trenchers Catering we rely on well trained catering staff and would love to see this qualification in place sooner, so we can have a bigger pool of better trained candidates to fill our requirements as a business.

In a letter sent to Immigration minister Brandon Lewis by Ufi Ibrahim she wrote: ”We are not in a position to fill these vacancies without hiring non-UK workers. This is due to the fact that the UK is currently at near full employment and because the educational system does not encourage young people to consider a career in hospitality.


She added that if migratory flows for workers from the EU and beyond were severely curtailed, the hospitality industry would likely contract, costing jobs and growth. According to a KPMG report commissioned by the BHA, the industry needs an additional 60,000 workers a year to power growth in addition to the 200,000 workers needed to replace churn. It said that a key part of its 10-year-strategy for job creation was to attract people direct from education.

We need the education minister and the immigration minister to talk to each other to resolve the delay, and help the catering and Hospitality Industry thrive in the coming years with better trained British staff filling the many hospitality roles that are going to be available throughout the sector.

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Trenchers catering suppliers guide and what we get from each.

Trenchers Suppliers

At trenchers caterers we pride ourselves on using the best ingredients, local sourced at the best price, around Birmingham we are very lucky to have a wide range of suppliers that are willing and able to offer us exactly what we need!

Below are a short summary of our suppliers and what we use them for:

Walsall Box Company:

Trenchers prides itself on looking different from all the other caterers delivering food in Birmingham, and the way we achieve this is by  delivering our lunches is branded trenchers boxes, which are supplied by a fantastic local company called The Walsall Box Co. The next bit is taken from there website...


The Company was originally the Box making arm of T. Kirby and Sons Ltd, a well known printers based in Walsall at the turn of the 19th century. The Walsall Box Co Ltd was founded as a separate  company in 1926 by Ernest Kirby and it is now run by third and fourth generations of the same family.

Today the Walsall Box is a modern and vibrant company, employing 25 people, with a strong heritage and history of providing good service and quality packaging. Since it was first opened for business the company has continued to expand and improve the services that it offers, so it is now truly a one stop shop for all your packaging requirements. We manufacture boxes for a large variety of businesses in very different sectors ranging from Giftware, Silverware, Ceramics, Cosmetics, engineering, automotive and Marketing to name but a few.

The core values at the heart of the business have always been, and remain, commitment to quality and service.  

As a caterer we need the best cooked meats and cheeses we can lay our hands on, and for this we us another local supplier who are only 100 yards from our front door called Brayne and price Limited, these guys are ace and i would highly recommend any food business in the city to use them, the following i have taken from there website....


Brayne & Price was founded in 2009 by Colin Price and Lee Brayne. Between them Lee and Colin have over 40 years experience in the industry and pride themselves on the highest level of service and a broad range of quality and diverse products to suit all needs.

We use BRC accredited suppliers and distribution is made from our refrigerated depot situated in the heart of the West Midlands by our own chilled vehicles. We offer a delivery service to suit your needs and will make every effort to ensure your orders are delivered on time.

Our sales staff have full knowledge of our product range and will be happy to discuss, advise and help you with your catering needs and will be only too pleased to assist with any enquiry you may have.

We appreciate the constantly changing market where customers tastes are becoming more diverse and we have a flexible approach. We make every effort to regularly make you aware and discuss with you new products, in order that you are easily able to meet your customer requirements.

Trenchers use another food business to provide us with all the frozen savoury items, crisps and cakes we supply to our customers, they are a subsidiary of Brakes called Woodward food service and a great, again the next bit is taken from there website...

We pride ourselves on offering a personal service and putting our customers first. Each region within the UK is served by its own dedicated sales management and telesales team, offering our customers a mix of local knowledge, expertise and support. We enjoy an extremely loyal customer base, most of whom have used us for many years.

Woodward Foodservice is now part of the Brakes Group. We continue to operate as a separate company, but with the added benefits of increased local distribution as well as access to specialty businesses within the wider group such as Prime Meats, La Boulangerie and non-food ranges.

Not only do we supply a wide choice of branded products, we also have an extensive own brand range providing customers with the assurance of performance and value for money.

We are continually exploring ways to build on the success of the Woodward brand and develop new market opportunities so that many more customers can enjoy this unique service and product mix.

We aim to make it easy to do business with us – one call, one order and one delivery direct to your door on our fleet of multi-temperature vehicles.

Trenchers always gets there fruit and veg straight from Birmingham wholesale market, where we use a great company called Macks wholesale, we never have an issue with produce from them and would highly recommend them to any budding food business. Next is taken from there website...

Wholesale markets have traditionally been nocturnal places, and there are many aspects of the old markets of the past that you’d still recognise today. There’s still banter and trading, and brightly coloured, enticing fruits and vegetables from all over the world.

Our sales team at Birmingham is there each night to welcome customers and make sure everyone gets the keenest prices for the finest fresh produce. All are welcome – our customers range from independent caterers and restaurants through to hotels, shops, market traders, chain stores, food service companies, schools and everyone in between. We can procure locally and internationally to fulfil whatever fresh produce it is you’re looking for.

Trenchers catering needs a lot of bread and baguettes to for-fill all our catering orders, and for this we us another great locally based company called  Arizta food Solutions they are always reliable and are our oldest supplier, which we have been using for the past 10 years. The following is taken from there website...


Our recipe for success begins with a deep understanding of food. We use the reach of our network to navigate global food trends and develop a holistic understanding of the global food market. We share this knowledge and work alongside partners and suppliers to uncover insights and new commercial opportunities.

Armed with these insights our teams of chefs and bakers get to work in professional kitchen and bakeries. Drawing on a heritage of artisan baking and French gastronomy, we fuse classical culinary techniques with a local palate to develop food solutions that add value to menus and retail shelves.

This creative spark is complemented by the acumen of our commercial team. Serving as the link between suppliers, chefs and customers, they draw on a portfolio of specialist brands and retail concepts to develop layered solutions that create bottom line value.

Finally, to ensure that each solution is delivered on specification and on time we have assembled a comprehensive supply network that delivers around the clock. It’s a busy world that’s constantly evolving but as we move forward, we’re challenging ourselves to keep exploring and developing new ideas that inspire chefs, managers and buyers.

I hope that by following our lead, and using local suppliers for fresh local produce, you can give your customers a better product, and be proud that you support the local business community.

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A great selection of food quotes, selected from some of the worlds great authors, and Mary Berry.

Wait and hope,

A wonderful final line from my favourite book, The count of Monte Cristo, the actual line is 'All human wisdom can be found in these words, Wait and Hope'

I do love reading and finding great quotes from popular writers like Dumas and Shakespeare, and thought i would write a quick blog containing some of my favourites about food.

At Trenchers catering we try to be interesting, in all we do, so with that in mind, i will try and combine my menus with quotes and see how we get on... here goes.....

'One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well' Virginia Woolf.  - so why not try our Hearty lunch at £7.20 per head.

'Ask not what you can do for your country, Ask whats for lunch' . Orson Wells. - Well for lunch Mr Wells why not Try our training lunch at £5.95 per head.

'After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even ones relations' Oscar Wilde. - Oscar, we have a Deluxe mini cakes platters that a relation could use to help you forgive them, a treat at £13.50 per platter.

'If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world' J.R.R Tolkien. - Well Mr Tolkien the hobbits will love our boardroom lunch at £7.65 per person, it is sure to help make the little people merrier!.

'Popcorn for breakfast! why not? it's a grain. it's like, like, grits, but with high self esteem.' James Patterson. - If you don't feel like popcorn for breakfast today Mr Patterson, then why not try our great Manhattan breakfast, its like, like, Breakfast without the popcorn, and its £4.15 per person.

'Cakes are healthy too, you just eat a small slice' -Mary Berry,- Well Mary after all that cake, why not try our Healthy option menu 1, with health wraps and fruit, you will be feeling better about all that cake in no time!

'Humor keeps us alive, and food don't forget the food, you can go weeks without  laughing' Joss Whedon. - We have all the food you can eat, even enough for an Avenger, our most popular menu at the moment is our combi premium platters which fly in at £5.75 per person.

'What i say is that, if a man really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow.' A.A Milne. real potatoes in our Real crisps, at £0.85 per bag, how decent a fellow am I.

I hope you enjoyed my play around with these quotes.


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Trenchers Guide to better SEO for small business, from the prospective of Trenchers catering in Birmingham.

SEO for small catering businesses,

Trenchers catering has had a bit of a learning curve recently, trying to tackle SEO or search engine optimization on, not just our own, but as the owner of a small business, it has fallen to myself alone, to make a website that is cost effective and has the best possible SEO.

I have recently changed my website from a fairly expensive site, to what is much more sustainable, cost effective website, and doing so has taken a WordPress site with great SEO, highly rated in all areas, to a cheaper Site123 build which I have produced from scratch, and had to work out what is the best SEO i can put on, and in the site, within a really stringent framework, what follows below is what I have managed to do that has really help Trenchers Catering Website.

The first thing I have found is ‘DOMAIN NAME’ purchases,

Now I had already got my Trenchers domain,, but had been given a tip from a google rep, who told me that  for a small cost, (about £10 a year each) I could buy relevant domains that where specific to by sector, and be able to point those domains at my website, helping my SEO, and in turn helping get up google search results. We are an office catering business so the domains I had purchased where ,, and a few more, but you get the picture.

By pointing these at our web address, we get the search engine to see that we are office catering Birmingham, as well as Trenchers, giving us a really good boast up the rankings.


Backlinks has been a bug bear of mine as I cannot get any decent ones that can help me, however, I do know that the more of these that you have that are specific to your business the better, I believe getting your suppliers to give you backlinks as well as customers if you can will really help.


Keywords is a term used for the words that appear most on your website, this helps your rankings, but apparently not as much as they used to. So for me I have tried to have the words Catering, Office, Birmingham, Sandwiches, Platters appear as much across my website as possible, for instance, the main heading will say OFFICE CATERING BIRMINGHAM, and this is repeated a few times over the website with Catering appearing 46 times overall, you should have about 5 or six keywords that describe your business appear as many time as possible, but they need to be written is as good a sentence as possible as google can check grammar.


Hopefully your website is better than mine with regards to speed, google recommends all websites load up within 5 seconds, however due to the platform I chose to create my website on, the speed of my site is 6 seconds, which will get penalised by google.

My issues are pictures and the weight of my site being to large, google has a great speed checker which can give you help to speed up your website. (I have now sorted the picture issue and increase speed of website in doing so)


No not football, but the headers that your website has the main body of text in,

So all main title pages should have H1 Headers with the secondary headers being H2, and so on down to H5, it is essentially the size of the text.

Meta Tags and descriptions,

Meta tags and descriptions are the bit of writing that google would use to check what is on a page and depending on if you have them and where, will depend on how easily google can read and place you on rankings.

My meta description for my home page is: Office Catering in Birmingham, free delivery to Birmingham postcodes, menus start from £2.80, 5* Hygiene rated, we offer sandwich platters and buffet lunches.#

With tags like: catering, Birmingham, Office, Food, Lunch, Buffets, sandwiches,

Every page on your website should have these above tags and descriptions.

Social media,

Your site needs to be connected to social media, the more the better, so get a Facebook page, twitter account, google plus account and then get them linked.

Doing all the above will hopefully help your business get better at SEO, and in turn be more visible on google search results.

Great websites to check your score or get extra help:


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Trenchers guide to an EHO inspection and what to expect in the UK, from the prospective of Trenchers catering manager.

Environmental health inspections A Trenchers Guide to EHO

At Trenchers catering we always strive to achieve a 5 star hygiene rating with the Environmental health office.

Have you ever wondered what needs to be done to achieve this target? Hopefully over the next few lines I will be able to explain in as much detail as I can what is required and how to do it.

EHO Inspection is The council and Governments way of making sure the food you eat in the UK is safe, and to do this, all food premises, be it like Trenchers, a catering company, or even your local supermarket, will be inspected and rated on a 0 to 5 star rating system.

The inspections are random and no notice is given when the EHO inspector will be coming to your business. Generally, the better you are rated, the longer you will have before your next inspection.

Trenchers catering is rated as 5*,which is the best, so I would expect our next inspection to be at least a year after the last, but this is just a guess!

The inspection:

The EHO Inspector will first site down with you and ask some simple questions about your business….

Name, address, type of premises, customer base, and volume of food produced.  This is just to establish you are the correct company/person to be assessed and they are in the correct place, and have all the correct information for your business.

The inspector will then go around your premises, checking cleanliness of the work areas, and also look at how well maintained the equipment used to make and store food is, and well needed give guidance on what can be done better and where there are issues, point them out and if needed set out a timed plan for improvement,

The inspector is not a bad person and is only there to help your business provide the best hygiene standards possible, so if you get recommendations, don’t take offence, thank the person and act on the advice that they give you! 


All fridges and freezers will be inspected and temperature checked to make sure they are within the recommended limits….. Fridge between 0c and 8c and freezers would need to be below -18c.


The inspector will then check Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP)

At Trenchers we have our own systems, which check Temperatures of Fridges, freezers, vans, deliveries received, cleaning lists, training records, flow charts.

The EHO provide a simple solution to new food business called safer food better business, this is a great resource and I recommend all businesses have this and use it if they do not have their own system in place.

The inspector will then tick of what type of inspection has been carried out:

Food safety & Hygiene (England) Regulation 2013

Regulation (EC) No.852/2004

Food Safety act 1990

Food information regulation 2014

Health and safety at work act 1974 and assoc Regs.

The inspector will then be able to tell you what further action to be undertaken by local authority, and the following is what you will have to expect:

None – Well done Good Job.



Statutory Notice


The inspector will then write a summary of work you will need to get done for your next visit, be that in 1 day or 1 year,

Get all recommendations done asap as this will show you are a reasonable food retailer.

You will then get your report in the post along with your certificate within 14 day.

Good look and thank you for reading Trenchers Guide to EHO.

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Trenchers portions and what each person can expect, taken from the trenchers catering menu.

Have you ever wondered what it looks like per person for the lunches you order, not just from Trenchers catering but from any caterer?

Its really difficult for you to visualize what a each person would get for the price paid, so today I have decided to take a few photos of the lunches we provide, but just for one person each, hopefully explaining what the lunches are and what you get in said lunches.

The basic sandwiches:

The basic sandwiches consists on one round per person, as above this means four quarters, the basic sandwiches will have a veriety of fillings such as chicken salad, brie and cranberry as above. £2.80

The classic sandwiches:

The classic sandwiches comes with one and a half rounds per person, which as above shows six quarters, with a veriaty of fillings, the classic sandwiches can sometimes come with wraps and baguettes upon request. £3.95

The basic sandwiches and fruit:

The basic sandwiches and fruit comes as the basic sandwich has done with one sandwich and a whole piece of fruit. £3.40

The special lunch platters:

The special lunch comes with one and a half rounds of sandwiches per person, a piece of whole fruit and a muffin per person. £5.65

The working lunch:

The working lunch comes with one and a half sandwiches per person, a piece of whole fruit and a trayslice cake per person. £5.85

The training lunch:

The training lunch comes with one sandwich per person, one cookie, one piece of whole fruit and four savoury items per person. £5.95

The boardroom lunch:

The boardroom lunch comes with one sandwich per person, 100g of sliced tropical and seasonal fruit with a dip, three mini cakes and a dip, and four savoury items and a dip. £7.65

These are just a few of Trenchers great catering menus, why not take a look and see what we can do for your next office meeting, Enjoy!

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All about Trenchers

Our objective is to remove, as far as we are able, the stress associated with providing catering on your own premises. The ordering process itself must be simple and quick with personal help, when needed. We want you to be able to relax once that order is placed, confident in the knowledge that the order will arrive on time and that the food will be to a high quality. We understand these issues and are committed to delivering them.


Trenchers has prepared and delivered catering to the Midlands and West Midlands area for nearly 20 years and we are committed to offering a highly professional, but friendly service.


We are dedicated to making innovative, interesting food and we will promote this by modifying our menus. While the ingredients we use are simple and easily recognisable, we always try to provide a good variety on each buffet menu, so that your guests will be guaranteed a choice of food that they will like.


We make good food. Our raw materials are excellent; freshly baked and interesting breads, free range eggs, real not processed meats and, of course, the freshest salads and fruits delivered daily.


The safety of the food delivered to you is of paramount importance. All our food procedures have been scrutinised by our local Environmental Health Officers – the business has a 5-star hygiene rating (the highest there is!) – and we commission our own third party Food Safety Audit. Your food will of course be delivered in a refrigerated van.


We are strong promoters of sustainability and are working to achieve many Social, Environmental and Economic objectives. We encourage our suppliers and clients to adopt sustainable practices and the use of sustainable materials.

Delivery Confidence

We know that confidence in the delivery is of most importance to you. Will it arrive on time?? Did they get my order?? Will it arrive at all??? We confirm receipt of all orders by email showing all details of the order. You therefore know we have received it and you can confirm the order matches what you require.


All that planning cannot however remove the uncertainty of the traffic around the Midlands. If our driver is jammed the least we can do is make sure you know about it as quickly as possible. Our drivers all carry mobile phones and we will ring you if they have a problem.

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Challenges involved in being a caterer in Birmingham from the prospective of the Trenchers Catering Manager.

The challenges of being a caterer:


It’s the age old problem, as with many businesses, Time is always on your back, knowing that food has to be made and delivered before 12pm every day, may seem like no problem at all from the outside observer,

However, with a small team, we generally cater for around 200 people every day, all working as hard as they can, and trying to give the very best standards possible,

That 12pm delivery time, has to be always in our minds, for delivery around that time, the drivers are all out on their delivery runs for 10am, this may seem early, but when you consider we cover the whole of Birmingham, the second biggest city in the country, and can be dragged in all directions for a sale, being early is always better than being late.

Production on the lunches will start at 3am, with deliveries for breakfast being made and delivered through the morning and our deadline looming always, it takes careful planning and execution to make this business work.

To cap it all off, there is a monster amount of paper work involved, from invoices, labels, delivery sheets, to temperature records and budgets, all crammed into a day that generally ends when the delivery drivers return from their respective runs, 1:30pm.


When training staff, patients is always the key to getting the staff member ready and able to help achieve the needs of the business, all employees are different, and will take differing amounts of time to learn new skills involve in the catering business.  What takes one person a day to learn may take the person standing next to them three weeks to get it write.

Problem solving and initiative

At Trenchers we like solving our customers problems, be it a call at 11:30am needed a lunch delivered for 12pm, or a bespoke menu just for that customer, due to their special requirements.   With over 15 years’ experience you can rely on us to always delver a great service.

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Trenchers sustainability policy produced by our Trenchers catering manager in Birmingham.

Sustainability policy:

Sustainable Catering Policy 2017 to 2020 Trenchers catering commits to providing a high quality catering and hospitality service. We recognise that the procurement, preparation and serving of food and drink at our branch in Castle Vale, has an impact on the environment.

 To minimise the impact that our activities have on the environment we will embed sound ethical, social and environmental practices both when procuring goods and services required for the delivery of hospitality across all of our customer sites, and when preparing and serving food and drink to our customers.

Trenchers catering seeks to provide a healthy, nutritious, culturally diverse and sustainable menu choice for our customers.

We are committed to provide fresh home cooked food and will change dishes to use the best products that the season has to offer.

We commit to operate a, Sustainability Strategy and Procurement Policy Trenchers  Catering Department will:

· Improve access to, and promote, healthy and sustainable foods o Improve the availability, and promotion, of affordable, healthy and sustainable food

o Prepare seasonal menus and increase the use of seasonal food to minimise the energy used in food production, transport and storage

o Improve animal welfare within our supply chain through the use of appropriate assurance schemes o Exclude fish species identified on the Marine Stewardship Council’s ‘fish to avoid’ list, maximise the use of fish on the MCS fish-to-eat list, and continue to serve only MSC certified fish o Actively engage with both staff and customers about their relevant environmental and social considerations of their purchases

· Ensure that sustainability is embedded within the procurement process

o Conduct purchasing audits of goods and services in order to increase and maintain usage of sustainable products, identify good practice and areas for improvement

o Ensure that sustainability specifications are included in future catering contracts and that sustainability criteria are used in awarding of the contract

o Work with suppliers to minimise negative environmental and social effects associated with the products and services that they provide o Provide guidance and relevant product information to staff to allow them to select sustainable products and services

· Use all resources, including water and energy, as efficiently as possible and reduce waste from catering processes and services

o Promote a culture of rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle

o Reduce food waste and packaging waste associated with catering and increase recycling and composting

o Monitor our utility consumption and implement actions, to reduce our carbon emissions

· Set and communicate clear quantifiable objectives and targets and ensure those targets are met and continual improvement is made

o Develop clear objectives and detailed targets to minimise the environmental and social effects associated with the products and services we purchase

o Review this Sustainable Catering Policy annually, assess whether the targets have been reached and if therefore they can be raised to ensure continual improvement and communicate this to customers

o Build responsibility for the management of this policy into the objectives of all catering staff, The Catering Department has daily responsibility for the refinement of this Policy and for the strategic implementation of the Action Plan

Robert Kincaid

UK Director  19/7/2017

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Health benefits of cheese from the great food blog of Jenreviews.

At Trenchers we are always looking for interesting blogs about the products that we use, and we have been contacted by Jen Reviews at who had a great blog detailing the “15 health benefits of cheese according to science”

Taken from Jen Reviews:

2. Cheese Can Have a Positive Effect on Your Dental Health

A study done by dental professionals showed that eating cheese might help to prevent dental cavities. Four groups were tested, consuming milk, sugar-free yogurt, paraffin, and cheese, and the pH balance in various areas of their mouths were tested before and after consumption. A pH level lower than 5.5 can leave your teeth at risk for erosion due to acids created in your mouth. While the groups who drank milk, and ate paraffin and sugar-free yogurt showed no significant change, the group who ate cheese experienced an increase in pH levels (5).

The findings may be the result of increased saliva production, due to chewing, which protects teeth from erosion. It could also be that certain components of the cheese adhered to the teeth, protecting them from acid. Either way, your teeth are made up of the same substances as your bones. Just as cheese is beneficial for your bone health, it can also have positive effects on your dental health.

Bottom Line: Cheese can keep your teeth strong and prevent expensive dental work that results from decay.

Bocadillo,originating from Spain and Latin America, this is Spanish style bread,cut horizontally lengthways and traditionally seen as humble food.? Bocadillos are often eaten in cafes and tapas bars.

Bruschetta ? some will say that bruschetta are not sandwiches at all.? These are open sandwiches originating from Italy, often consisting of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and olive oil.? They are versatile as you can top them with just about anything and are often seen in this country as an appetiser.

Croque-Monsieur originate from France.? They are a grilled ham & cheese sandwich and were probably first seen in the early 1900s.? My first experience of a croquet-monsieur was in Calais in around 1982.

Doner Kebab are Turkish in origin and are now a mainstay of the end of a boozy night out in this country!? Meat is cooked on a spit (traditionally veal or beef mixed with lamb and spices) and wrapped either in flatbread or pitta.

Is a Hot Dog a sandwich at all?? It makes our list none-the-less.? Many associate the hot dog with New York when German immigrants introduced their frankfurter sausages in the early 1900s.? Cooked sausage is served in a sliced bun with garnish.? Do you have yours with ketchup or mustard or both?

Paninis are now seen all over the country and are a grilled ciabatta.? Traditionally filled with deli style ingredients they are a really popular choice in the UK.

Hamburgers have become one of the most popular foods in the world.? A cooked meat patty is placed inside a sliced hamburger bun and these are another Americanised import from Germany. Watch any food programme on those odd food channels and you?ll see some of the strangest combinations, enough to make your stomach turn!

Melts were introduced probably from the US and are simply a toasted sandwich ? but not done in a Breville!? Sometimes melts are grilled or fried (yuck!) and the most popular melt of all combines tuna with either Gruyere of Emmental cheese.

Souvlaki is a favourite from Greece. Pieces of grilled meat on a skewer are served in pitta bread with garnishes. Were going to be having some of these on holiday in Crete during August  looking forward to it!

Submarines (or more commonly subs) are simply a long roll of Italian or French style bread with various fillings. Named from their shape, a mix of Italian and American cuisine, they are one of the most popular lunchtime options in the Western world today.

What do you think about our list?? There’s probably 30 or 40 other options, but what?s your favourite?? Tell us on Twitter.

We have some great cheese fillings included in our lunches at Trenchers, try ordering the classic sandwich platter, which will have cheddar and brie options included in the fillings. 

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Always wash salads, provided by PHE and Trenchers Catering Birmingham find this helpful.

BBC News is reporting that people are falling ill with E-Coli, due to uncleaned mixed leaves you can buy from the supermarket. At Trenchers Catering we do use bagged mixed leaves, however as is good practice with food hygiene, we wash our salads before use regardless of what is said on the packaging, and would advise everyone to do the same.

Please see the below  news article taken from The BBC New website:

Shoppers are being reminded to thoroughly wash mixed salad leaves amid concern that this food could be the source of an E. coli outbreak that has killed two and infected more than 150 people in the UK.

Public Health England says it is still working to establish the exact cause.

Many of those struck down by the E. coli O157 bug had eaten pre-packed salad, including rocket leaves.

The infection can cause bloody diarrhoea and abdominal pain.

People usually notice symptoms three to four days after they have been infected, but symptoms can start any time between one and 14 days afterwards and last for up to two weeks.

Some people will have no symptoms, but others can develop serious complications and will need medical help.

Public Health England says the strain involved is likely to be imported, possibly from the Mediterranean area.

To date, it has been informed of 151 cases – 144 people in England, six in Wales and one in Scotland.

Of these, 62 needed hospital care and two patients died.

Most of the cases of the outbreak in England were clustered in the South West.

Dr Isobel Oliver from PHE, said: “All food sample results to date have been negative for E. coli O157 – but it’s important to be aware that where food has been contaminated with E. coli O157, it is not always possible to identify the bacteria on food testing.

“As an additional precautionary measure, we have advised a small number of wholesalers to cease adding some imported rocket leaves to their mixed salad products pending further investigations.”

People can help protect themselves from possible infection by washing their hands before eating and handling food and by thoroughly washing vegetables and salads that they are preparing to eat (unless they have been pre-prepared and are specifically labelled “ready to eat”).

E. coli O157 is found in the gut and faeces of many animals, particularly cattle, and can contaminate food and water.

Outbreaks of O157 are rare compared with other food-borne diseases. UK.

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Allergen Information from Trenchers catering in Birmingham.

Trenchers Catering UK is able to offer advice to clients in full compliance with the legislation introduced by the EU on 13th December 2014 (EU FIC).

The legislation is good news for consumers as information about allergens will be made clearer and offered in a more consistent way, enabling clients to make safer food choices.

Clients (or those booking on behalf of clients) should make us aware of dietary requirements, in advance, so that we can provide specific advice, when required.? This includes severe intolerances or allergies.? As a buffet catering business, there is no requirement under the legislation for us to individually label foods, but we will provide general advice about the products we use, at the point of supply.? It remains clients? responsibility to pass this information on to consumers (people who actually eat our food).

In the legislation, there are fourteen major allergens identified:

AllergenBrief descriptionWill our food contain this item
CeleryStalks, leaves and seeds and the root called celeriac.We no longer use the raw salad item and it is not an ingredient in any product.
Cereals containing glutenFound in foods containing flour.All of our bread and cakes contain gluten.? If you have a gluten allergy, please tell us and we will supply gluten free products.
CrustaceansCrab, lobster, prawn and scampi.Please tell us if you have an allergy to this group, so that we can exclude these items from your buffet.
EggsFound in cakes, mayonnaise, sauces and pastries.Please tell us if you have an allergy to this group, so that we can exclude these items from your buffet.
FishFish can be in sauces, relishes, dressings and pastes.Please tell us if you have an allergy to this group, so that we can exclude these items from your buffet.
LupinCan be used in some types of bread and pastries.Please tell us if you have an allergy to this group, so that we can exclude these items from your buffet.
MilkA common ingredient in butter, cheese, cream and yoghurt.Please tell us if you have an allergy to this group, so that we can exclude these items from your buffet.
MolluscsIncludes mussels, land snails, squid and whelks.We do not use this food group.
MustardLiquid mustard, mustard powder and mustard seeds.Please tell us if you have an allergy to this group, so that we can exclude these items from your buffet.
NutsNuts grown on trees.We can exclude this item from your food, but we DO NOT OPERATE IN A NUT FREE ENVIRONMENT.
PeanutsKnown as groundnuts often used as an ingredient.We can exclude this item from your food, but we DO NOT OPERATE IN A PEANUT FREE ENVIRONMENT.
Sesame seedsOften found in bread, houmous and oils.Please tell us if you have an allergy to this group, so that we can exclude these items from your buffet.
SoyaOften found in bean curd and is a staple ingredient in oriental food.We do not use this food group.
Sulphur dioxide (sulphites)Often used in dried raisins, apricots and prunes (and other items).? If you have asthma, you have a higher risk of developing a reaction to sulphur dioxide.Please tell us if you have an allergy to this group, so that we can exclude these items from your buffet.


If you have any doubts about your specific situation then there are two things to remember: first, ask us for advice.? Secondly, if your allergy is severe, if in doubt, do not consume our food.

If you are allergic to a food that is not on the regulatory list, it may not be included on the allergen information we give.? If in doubt, speak to us first.

Further information is available from us or from the Food Standards Agency (

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