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Office Catering in Birmingham, free delivery to Birmingham postcodes, menus start from £2.80, 5* Hygiene rated, we offer Classic sandwich platters for a training meeting, deluxe mini cakes platters for a treat for that hard working staff member, or a full boardroom lunch for that must impress lunch with the boss, go ahead, We have Buffet lunches and sandwich platters Available.

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VAT Added onto the invoice and confirmation email. Minimum order of 5. Last order needs to be in by 5 pm the day before.

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A confirmation will be sent after you have placed the order confirming costs and what has been ordered. Vat will be added to your invoice, which will be emailed to you on the day of delivery. We deliver to all Birmingham postcodes Free of charge

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Unit D4, Castle Vale Enterprise Park, Birmingham, B35 6LJ



Our objective is to remove, as far as we are able, the stress associated with providing catering on your own premises. The ordering process itself must be simple and quick with personal help, when needed. We want you to be able to relax once that order is placed, confident in the knowledge that the order will arrive on time and that the food will be to a high quality. We understand these issues and are committed to delivering them.
Trenchers has prepared and delivered catering to the Midlands and West Midlands area for 11 years and we are committed to offering a highly professional, but friendly service.
We are dedicated to making innovative, interesting food and we will promote this by modifying our menus. While the ingredients we use are simple and easily recognisable, we always try to provide a good variety on each buffet menu, so that your guests will be guaranteed a choice of food that they will like.
We make good food. Our raw materials are excellent; freshly baked and interesting breads, free range eggs, real not processed meats and, of course, the freshest salads and fruits delivered daily.
The safety of the food delivered to you is of paramount importance. All our food procedures have been scrutinised by our local Environmental Health Officers – the business has a 5-star hygiene rating (the highest there is!) – and we commission our own third party Food Safety Audit. Your food will of course be delivered in a refrigerated van.
We are strong promoters of sustainability and are working to achieve many Social, Environmental and Economic objectives. We encourage our suppliers and clients to adopt sustainable practices and the use of sustainable materials.
Delivery Confidence
We know that confidence in the delivery is of most importance to you. ?Will it arrive on time?? ?Did they get my order?? Will it arrive at all??? We confirm receipt of all orders by email showing all details of the order. You therefore know we have received it and you can confirm the order matches what you require.
All that planning cannot however remove the uncertainty of the traffic around the Midlands. If our driver is ?jammed? the least we can do is make sure you know about it as quickly as possible. Our drivers all carry mobile phones and we will ring you if they have a problem.

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