16 Feb

6 Clever Ways to Incorporate Candies into Your Desserts
The world of desserts is such a fun and colorful place filled with so many interesting possibilities!

Take candies for example. They are already sweet treats by themselves, but if you incorporate them into other forms of desserts, then you can create new levels of delicious tastes.
Here are some dessert ideas that make use of candies for you to try:

Brownies Stuffed with Kit Kats

Kit Kats are pretty great and once added to brownies, the result can only be a wonderful treat. Just imagine the soft and delicately chewy goodness of brownies mixed with the delightful mouthfeel of Kit Kats. Drool-worthy, right? You can use different flavored Kit Kats and perhaps add some cocoa powder and cream cheese for the frosting. It would be so good!

Tootsie Roll Fudge

Tootsie Roll is one of the most iconic taffy candy from the US. Of course, you can use it to elevate desserts as well. There are many options you can do such as Tootsie Roll cookies, donuts, cheesecake, and more. For something that has great texture and flavor, incorporate Tootsie Rolls with a fudge recipe. You won’t regret it.

If it’s a bit hard to find these Tootsie Rolls, try an American candy wholesale store online for a boxful. 

Snickers Pie

Another wonderful sweet treat for the whole family is a Snickers pie. There are baked and no-bake recipes out there to suit your cravings. You can add peanut butter and Graham crackers to the mix for better texture. 

M&M Cookies

Thousands of people love the taste of M&M chocolate candies. Kids love them for their lively colors as well, apart from the taste. So why not make cookies with M&M toppings to delight everyone? Not only will the M&Ms taste good paired with freshly baked cookies, they’ll look good as toppings as well. This dessert will definitely be a festive addition to any table.

Of course, you’re not limited to cookies. You can also create M&M brownies, blondies, krispie treats, and even cakes. The possibilities are endless!

Candy Corn Parfait
Another great idea is to whip up a parfait dessert with candy corn as one of the main ingredients. Get some Brachs candy corn

Brachs candy corn chocolate pudding, a few citrus fruits, and whipped cream. Layer them and, voila, you’ll have a simple but delicious parfait. Feel free to add other ingredients as you see fit or depending on the preferences of whoever you’re serving this dessert to. For sure it will be a hit.

Butterfinger Cheesecake

Cheesecake lovers, this is for you. Use crushed Butterfinger and Graham crackers as the main ingredients for the base or crust. Set aside some more Butterfinger for the toppings. The rest of the ingredients should be what you will normally need for a cheesecake. You can also add an additional layer of crushed candies for extra sweetness. Include some dark chocolate for more decadence.

Get Started

Try out these clever desserts combined with candies for some fulfilling sugar rush! Don’t forget to share these treats with your loved ones to spread the sweetness around.