10 Aug

At Trenchers catering we have been working hard over the last year to try our very best to help the environment and lower our mark on the wonderful planet around us.

It seems silly but we only have one planet, and we would like to contribute to making it as clean and sustainable as possible.

We have looked at many different product to replace our plastic packaging which includes platter bags to cover our catering and part plastic paper cups that are not suitable to be recycled.

From today (11/08/2020) I can confirm that Trenchers have achieved our aim of making all our packaging 99% plastic free, using our great suppliers The walsall box company and environmental packaging.

The walsall box company kindly worked hard to make a sustainable branded card platter box that is not only recyclable but the perfect shape and design for all our catering platter requirements.

The Environmental packaging company has provided me with the counties only really compostable paper cup as well as salad boxes and wooden cutlery, all perfect for the office catering business.catering platter