29 Aug

Trenchers Suppliers

At trenchers caterers we pride ourselves on using the best ingredients, local sourced at the best price, around Birmingham we are very lucky to have a wide range of suppliers that are willing and able to offer us exactly what we need!

Below are a short summary of our suppliers and what we use them for:

Walsall Box Company:

Trenchers prides itself on looking different from all the other caterers delivering food in Birmingham, and the way we achieve this is by  delivering our lunches is branded trenchers boxes, which are supplied by a fantastic local company called The Walsall Box Co. The next bit is taken from there website...


The Company was originally the Box making arm of T. Kirby and Sons Ltd, a well known printers based in Walsall at the turn of the 19th century. The Walsall Box Co Ltd was founded as a separate  company in 1926 by Ernest Kirby and it is now run by third and fourth generations of the same family.

Today the Walsall Box is a modern and vibrant company, employing 25 people, with a strong heritage and history of providing good service and quality packaging. Since it was first opened for business the company has continued to expand and improve the services that it offers, so it is now truly a one stop shop for all your packaging requirements. We manufacture boxes for a large variety of businesses in very different sectors ranging from Giftware, Silverware, Ceramics, Cosmetics, engineering, automotive and Marketing to name but a few.

The core values at the heart of the business have always been, and remain, commitment to quality and service.  

As a caterer we need the best cooked meats and cheeses we can lay our hands on, and for this we us another local supplier who are only 100 yards from our front door called Brayne and price Limited, these guys are ace and i would highly recommend any food business in the city to use them, the following i have taken from there website....


Brayne & Price was founded in 2009 by Colin Price and Lee Brayne. Between them Lee and Colin have over 40 years experience in the industry and pride themselves on the highest level of service and a broad range of quality and diverse products to suit all needs.

We use BRC accredited suppliers and distribution is made from our refrigerated depot situated in the heart of the West Midlands by our own chilled vehicles. We offer a delivery service to suit your needs and will make every effort to ensure your orders are delivered on time.

Our sales staff have full knowledge of our product range and will be happy to discuss, advise and help you with your catering needs and will be only too pleased to assist with any enquiry you may have.

We appreciate the constantly changing market where customers tastes are becoming more diverse and we have a flexible approach. We make every effort to regularly make you aware and discuss with you new products, in order that you are easily able to meet your customer requirements.

Trenchers use another food business to provide us with all the frozen savoury items, crisps and cakes we supply to our customers, they are a subsidiary of Brakes called Woodward food service and a great, again the next bit is taken from there website...

We pride ourselves on offering a personal service and putting our customers first. Each region within the UK is served by its own dedicated sales management and telesales team, offering our customers a mix of local knowledge, expertise and support. We enjoy an extremely loyal customer base, most of whom have used us for many years.

Woodward Foodservice is now part of the Brakes Group. We continue to operate as a separate company, but with the added benefits of increased local distribution as well as access to specialty businesses within the wider group such as Prime Meats, La Boulangerie and non-food ranges.

Not only do we supply a wide choice of branded products, we also have an extensive own brand range providing customers with the assurance of performance and value for money.

We are continually exploring ways to build on the success of the Woodward brand and develop new market opportunities so that many more customers can enjoy this unique service and product mix.

We aim to make it easy to do business with us – one call, one order and one delivery direct to your door on our fleet of multi-temperature vehicles.

Trenchers always gets there fruit and veg straight from Birmingham wholesale market, where we use a great company called Macks wholesale, we never have an issue with produce from them and would highly recommend them to any budding food business. Next is taken from there website...

Wholesale markets have traditionally been nocturnal places, and there are many aspects of the old markets of the past that you’d still recognise today. There’s still banter and trading, and brightly coloured, enticing fruits and vegetables from all over the world.

Our sales team at Birmingham is there each night to welcome customers and make sure everyone gets the keenest prices for the finest fresh produce. All are welcome – our customers range from independent caterers and restaurants through to hotels, shops, market traders, chain stores, food service companies, schools and everyone in between. We can procure locally and internationally to fulfil whatever fresh produce it is you’re looking for.

Trenchers catering needs a lot of bread and baguettes to for-fill all our catering orders, and for this we us another great locally based company called  Arizta food Solutions they are always reliable and are our oldest supplier, which we have been using for the past 10 years. The following is taken from there website...


Our recipe for success begins with a deep understanding of food. We use the reach of our network to navigate global food trends and develop a holistic understanding of the global food market. We share this knowledge and work alongside partners and suppliers to uncover insights and new commercial opportunities.

Armed with these insights our teams of chefs and bakers get to work in professional kitchen and bakeries. Drawing on a heritage of artisan baking and French gastronomy, we fuse classical culinary techniques with a local palate to develop food solutions that add value to menus and retail shelves.

This creative spark is complemented by the acumen of our commercial team. Serving as the link between suppliers, chefs and customers, they draw on a portfolio of specialist brands and retail concepts to develop layered solutions that create bottom line value.

Finally, to ensure that each solution is delivered on specification and on time we have assembled a comprehensive supply network that delivers around the clock. It’s a busy world that’s constantly evolving but as we move forward, we’re challenging ourselves to keep exploring and developing new ideas that inspire chefs, managers and buyers.

I hope that by following our lead, and using local suppliers for fresh local produce, you can give your customers a better product, and be proud that you support the local business community.