Todays Fillings and Ingredients

Date: 28/05/2024

This is for all customers and not just any single customer. If you have requested specific fillings or way to be made, these will be done as requested, and check the allergen information if required, by clicking the links below. 

Vegan fillings: 

Click Here for vegan ingredients and fillings information.

Violife vegan cheese, vegan quorn ham, vegan quorn no chicken, red pepper hummus, Squeek vegan pastrami, Vegan  BBQ Quorn piece,  moroccan hummus, low fat hummus, vegan  pastrami, violife vegan smoked cheese, vegan squeaky beef, Vegan ham and cheese, Vegan cheese and pickle, Vegan chicken and cranberry. Pakora and sweet chilli sauce, vegan cream cheese  all with salads and vegan spread.

Click here for halal fillings and ingredients  

tuna mayo, sweet chilli chicken, halal sliced chicken, . Chicken tikka, coronation chicken, chicken mayo, Pesto chicken, Bharji and sweet chilli wrap, egg mayo, cheese savoury, cheddar, tikka and pakora, pakora in mayo.

Click here for nut allergy information - ham or cheese meal- see link 

Click here for gluten free allergen information

Meat Fillings:

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turkey salad

Turkey and cranberry

roast pork

roast pork and apple sauce 

Dolphin friendley Tuna mayo salad

Ham and cheese

ham cheese 

Ham salad

chicken tikka


Corned beef

coronation chicken

turkey, stuffing in mayo

ham and cheese savoury

salads used today are :

Lettuce, mixed baby leaf, tomato, spinach, rocket, cucumber, sweetcorn, white onion, peppers, cress, celery and carrot

Veg fillings:

Click HERE for Allergens and ingredients

Hummus salad 

Red pepper hummus

cheddar salad

Cheddar and sweet pickle in mayo salad

Brie and cranberry salad

free range Egg mayo salad

cheese savoury

veggie spicy cornonation

low fat soft cheese 

Vegan ham

Vegan chicken and cranberry sauce

vegan Pakora and sweet chilli wrap

Pakora in mayo

Pakoras in a coronation mayo 

Special Requirements:

Click HERE for Allergens and ingredients


Click HERE for Allergens and ingredients


Click HERE for Allergens and ingredients

Meat savouries:

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sausage rolls with poppy seeds

Pork pies

quiche lorraine

scotch eggs

beef and veg parcels

chicken bites

spicy chicken wings 

ham and cheese mini toasties

Mozzarella and ham with tomato and onion mini pitta

ham and cheddar swirls

Veg savouries:

Click HERE for Allergens and ingredients




Cheese and onion rolls

Cheddar and pesto and tomato mini bites

Mozzarella pizza slice

cheese and tomato pin wheel

cheddar and pickle mini toasts

Cheese and pesto pin wheels with mixed herbs

red pesto and cheddar mini toasts


cheddar and stuffing pin wheels

pesto and cheddar mini toast


Click HERE for Allergens and ingredients

Chocolate chip muffin

Chocolate chip cookie

double chocolate chip cookie


country cake selection

Apple bakewell

jam bakewell


Chocolate fudge  brownie

Iced Bakewell tart


Click HERE for Allergens and ingredients

Cheese and onion,

Ready salted


Salt and vinegar

Black pepper

Breakfast pastries:

Click HERE for allergens and ingredients


pau au chocolate

almond danish

chocolate croissant

cinnamon swirl

Pan au raisin