Todays fillings and savouries.


Meat fillings - Ingredients and Allergens HERE with salad

Ham salad

Sliced chicken and cranberry with salad

Sliced chicken salad

Roast beef and english mustard with salad

Chicken Tikka with salad

Salads used today : Tomato, Cucumber, lettuce and sweetcorn, peppers and onion

Veg FillingsIngredients and allergens HERE

egg mayo  with salad

Cheese salad

Hummus salad

Brie stuffing and cranberry with salad

Salads used today: Tomato, cucumber, lettuce and onion

Meat Savouries- Ingredients and Allergens HERE

Salami Pizza roll

Chicken tikka sticks

Veg savouries - Ingredients and allergens HERE

Cake allergens HERE

Chocolate Muffin




Raspberry Danish

Cinnamon danish

Custard danish

Crisps Allergens HERE

Cheese and onion, Ready salted and salt and vinegar

For all allergen and ingredient information, please look at the other sections on our Allergens and ingredients page.

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